5 alternative employment fields for a pharmacy technician

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August 6, 2018
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5 alternative employment fields for a pharmacy technician

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You have just finished your career as a pharmacy technician, you are happily graduated, and you are ready to face the world of work, but what do you want to do specifically? Job offers are interesting, although perhaps the most common.

At FHCA Orlando, we want to share with you some of the fields of work beyond the pharmacy, so that you have a clearer idea of ​​what alternative areas you could develop, always oriented to your profession.

  1. Academy:

Many pharmacy technicians become university professors. If you have some specialization, experience in pharmacy or science jobs and you like to teach, this area could be ideal for you. To provide students with a good teaching quality it is necessary that you know the work field.

It is also very rewarding to be willing to share your experience and knowledge with your audience in a conference room, for example. Pharmacy technicians with strong communication skills also find in teaching a great way to put their skills into practice.

There are many more opportunities beyond the conference room at the academic level, especially to participate in research activities, support lab work sessions, and maybe even represent your university at national and international events.

  1. Financial sector

Although it may seem strange at first glance, the truth is that pharmacy technicians have many analytical skills that are attractive to the financial industry. After all, numbers are something that they must deal with constantly.

Among the subjects oriented to the development of accounting skills are “Management of accounting documents”, “Society and economy,” and “Mathematics”. If a pharmacy technician decides to work in the accounting area, he has the right tools to work in the industry.

  1. Journalism:

Although the media may prefer journalists, the truth is that specialized knowledge is increasingly valued. Health care is one of the key points in the news and people who have a background in this regard represent a valuable resource for the media in terms of reliable news and valuable information.

You could work on your writing and expression skills to adequately convey your knowledge. A good way to start is to do activities such as lectures, join the hospital or faculty radio, and even just start writing a blog online.

  1. Regulatory companies:

Regulatory companies are constantly looking for pharmaceutical technicians. These organizations, especially those oriented to the development of health products, benefit from the knowledge of pharmacists when it is time to verify the safety and efficacy of medicines and medical products.

The law, ethics, and other aspects, particularly in the manufacture of medicines studied in pharmacy careers, provide an important base of specialized knowledge to justify the value of pharmacists in this area of ​​work.

  1. Scientific or medical writing:

You might think that this field is the same as the third mentioned, but the truth is that there are several differences. No doubt the scientific writing for pharmacy technicians requires certain journalistic skills, but it is a writing more focused on other information, much more specialized.

These are consistent interpretations and research data intended for texts, such as specialized medical literature, information brochures for the patient, and other documentation.

Pharmacy technicians are professionals highly valued in ​​science. Their wide range of skills and knowledge is beneficial for many other areas of work and employment.

When we think of the most traditional or common fields, we find a great demand. Maybe it is time to aspire to something different and see your profession as a pharmacy technician from another perspective. What do you think?