Electrocardiograph Aide

We have the facilities, equipment and the people with excellent qualifications which will help you to become an excellent Electrocardiograph Aide. You will learn the necessary knowledge and clinical training as a Electrocardiograph Aide, EKG technicians, Cardiovascular Technologist and technicians, overview of human anatomy and physiology with emphasis on cardiac and vascular systems.

After completion of the program you will be taking the National Healthcareer Association exam that will certify you nationally as a Certified EKG Technician.

All applicants must be 17 years old. (if the applicant is under 18 years old, The student Enrolment Agreement must be approved and signed by her/his Parent or Guardian).

Electrocardiograph Aide: $750

Reserve your spot at (407) 275-5880
● Books
● Notepad
● Pencil
● Uniform
● HIV 4 hour certification
●Lab supplies

Distance Learning at FHCA Orlando

If you have a passion to learn, don’t let anything get in your way!

You can turn your passion into purpose as well with our new distance courses and pursue a promotion at work, or move from just a job into a new career. Inspire loved ones to follow in your footsteps and feel fulfilled in your great achievement while studying from where is most convenient for you!.

We now offer distance courses at Florida Health Care Academy that offer the same academic standards campus based courses, and they provide the same objectives, competencies and content.

Some advantages of our distance courses are:

Schedule flexibility
Lower total costs
More comfortable learning environment
Learn at your own pace
Continue in your profession
Improve your technical skills

Payment plans

Here at Florida Health Care Academy we offer a variety of payment options in order to best accommodate to your financial needs. All of our payment plans are tailored to each individual, whether you prefer paying bi-weekly, or every Monday, we'll find a way to help you make your dreams come true.

All of our payment plans require a $200 down payment at the moment of enrollment.

*All payments are based on an average payment. The amount could fluctuate depending on the balance of each student.
Weekly Payments
You choose your payment day. Whether you prefer paying each Monday, or if Fridays are more convenient for you we'll accommodate to you!

The rate for our EKG program is 5 payments of $110*

The rate for our EKG program is 10 payments of $55*
Bi-weekly Payments
We understand there are some businesses in which you get paid bi-weekly, or if it simply suits your economy better we'll work it out for you!

The bi-weekly rate for our EKG program is 2 payments of $275*

he bi-weekly rate for our EKG program is 5 payments of $110*
Special financing
If none of our payment plans are working for you and you require special financing, don't worry, we'll help you out. Just come into our office and speak to one of our representatives about our financial aid options for the Patient Care Technician program!