10 reasons to consider becoming a male nurse at FHCA

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May 11, 2021
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Scope of Practice: What You Need to Know as a Nurse Practitioner
July 30, 2021
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10 reasons to consider becoming a male nurse at FHCA

10 reasons to consider becoming a male nurse at FHCA

Becoming a male nurse is an excellent option for those who want to pursue a profitable, flexible career with the potential for professional growth.

Studying to be a male nurse at FHCA: 10 powerful reasons

Specializing as a male nurse or as a male home aide turns out to be an increasingly possible path. Like any health career, it involves discipline, effort, vocation and patience, but it really pays off. Here are some reasons to consider deciding to study these careers.

You are brave and disruptive

In 1970, only 2.7% of registered nurses were men. By 2011, that number grew to 9.6%. What are the reasons? In reality, the reasons for this growth are many, including:

  • The cultural change of society.
  • Professional stability.
  • The earning potential.

This means that you are breaking gender stereotypes and that you can take on new challenges without prejudice. Becoming a male nurse demonstrates high sensitivity, commitment, empathy, and resilience.

Of course, this does not mean that becoming a nurse is easy. As with any healthcare career, it takes a lot of discipline and vocation. The financial benefits, the satisfaction of helping others, and the personal fulfillment are definitely worth it.

The satisfaction of helping

One of the great benefits of being a nurse is that you help other people improve their quality of life daily. This is not limited to the people you serve, but the benefit of helping extends to family members.

Our healthcare career study programs are designed to respond to all the needs of our society. Likewise, they are constantly updated and stimulate the development of soft skills and technical skills,  which combination is highly valued, especially in healthcare careers.

Very good salary

Onward Healthcare notes that nursing is a highly valued career, subject to constant raises and bonuses.

In addition, job vacancies for careers related to nursing and technical health careers have multiplied during the last year, hand in hand with the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, with the consequent attraction of good salaries and bonuses.

Stable career with opportunities for growth

Our healthcare career study programs are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, adding even more value to your diploma and demonstrating our high standards in education.

Becoming an FHCA graduate nurse does not only imply prestige and good education, it implies better job opportunities.

It also means that you will have a stable career with opportunities for growth since the demand for nurses and healthcare career personnel, both in hospitals and in the home aide modality, is increasing and estimates indicate that this trend will continue to rise for some time.

Schedule flexibility

While healthcare career schedules are often complex and difficult for many people to understand, they also have the advantage of allowing you to work different hours and transition between them.

In addition, our courses have the possibility that you study under intensive and flexible schedules that adapt to the transition to your healthcare career.

This can mean higher income if you want it since you can participate in two jobs or increase the number of shifts in which you have, without stopping studying and without neglecting your family.

Accessible educational programs

Studying health careers at FHCA currently represents a great economic solution and the opportunity to help others, in addition to having the guarantee of obtaining a diploma from one of the best-recognized institutions in the state of Florida.

 Indeed, our study programs for healthcare careers, such as:

Definitely, these are highly didactic theoretical-practical academic programs, implemented in settings similar to real-life so that you safely consolidate the knowledge and skills necessary in clinical settings and health services.

Good working environment

With a good diploma in healthcare careers, like the one you get at FHCA, you can opt for the best health institutions and opt for the places with the best work environment.

Although your training at FHCA is very important in your CV, you must research the companies in which you would like to work and design a strategy to apply to these organizations.

Different career lines in nursing

As we have mentioned, studying to be a male nurse implies the possibility of taking different career lines.

American Mobile explains that it’s important to consider your options before getting too deep into your plans. For example, you can work like:

  • Emergency assistant
  • Nurse of covid patients
  • Occupational nurse
  • Phlebotomist
  • Home health assistant
  • Specialist in the administrative area
  • Laboratory nurse technician

Consider what type of work environment you prefer, the role you want to play, the specialized areas that interest you, as well as the possibilities for personal and professional growth.

Possibility to study and work

Previously we mentioned the great advantage that healthcare careers offer to study and work. The important thing is to apply for your first jobs with a resume adapted to each job, prepare for the job interview and follow the instructions of the recruiters.

Make sure you do a good job of researching the companies you’re applying to and negotiating working conditions. This is very important so that you make the most of the schedules of both activities.

It is essential that there is always good communication between the parties and that you always show a desire to learn along the way, even after you have comfortably adapted to the job you are looking for.

High-quality standards

Finally, it is important to highlight that our healthcare career study programs are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, adding even more value to you and demonstrating our high standards in education.

Likewise, our more than 16 years of academic experience certify our quality of teaching and the possibility of applying for the best jobs in the health area. Our academic prestige speaks for itself. Go ahead and become a nurse at Florida Healthcare Academy (FHCA), break gender stereotypes and start training in one of the careers with a future on the market.