10 recommendations to prevent respiratory diseases in Florida

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10 recommendations to prevent respiratory diseases in Florida

recommendations to prevent respiratory diseases in Florida

Currently there is particular attention to the prevention of respiratory diseases or respiratory infections, as they can be the door to greater illnesses that can cause death, such as coronavirus or TB, which particularly affect babies, children and the elderly.

How to avoid infections and respiratory diseases in Florida

Given the wave of respiratory diseases today, it is important to prevent hygiene and strengthen the immune system. Here are some measurements.

1.- Wash your hands

Frequent hand washing with soap and water helps you easily get rid of germs, viruses, and bacteria that travel through the air and adhere to surfaces. In addition, the coronavirus has a high resistance to staying on surfaces before infecting. Using electric hand dryers is not recommended, as they accumulate bacteria in their ducts.

For its part, sanitizing the hands with gelled alcohol works, although it is not ideal.

2.- Avoid touching your face

You may not be aware, but viruses enter the body through the nose, mouth, and eyes. Therefore, to avoid respiratory diseases, it is important to avoid touching those areas and become aware of it, as it is a very common action.

3.- Get vaccinated periodically

Getting vaccinated helps prevent disease and strengthens the immune system. Of course, it must be borne in mind that vaccines do not help prevent respiratory diseases this season, but rather prevent contracting viruses that have already been synthesized.

4.- Lead a healthy life

Eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of fluids, reducing dairy and sugar will help you have a strong immune system.

5.- Have an active life and exercise

Exercising helps you manage your stress, boosts the immune system, and strengthens the respiratory system. Also, it goes hand in hand with healthy habits. Just find out what type of exercise you like best and what works best for you.

6.- Avoid sharing glasses and cutlery

By avoiding sharing glasses and cutlery, you will avoid being in contact with viruses and bacteria, which significantly reduces the risk of contagion of respiratory diseases. This does not mean that you are using disposable glasses and cutlery, but rather that you try to take your own utensils with you and that they do a correct cleaning and disinfection of those that are used.

7.- Cover when coughing and sneezing or when someone else does

Use the crease of your elbow when you cough or sneeze, in this way you will prevent viruses and bacteria from coming into contact with your hands and in turn you will avoid contaminating other surfaces. Also, if someone else coughs or sneezes, cover yourself with the inside crease of your elbow, also to prevent your hands from becoming contaminated and carrying germs and viruses to your respiratory tract and eyes.

8.- Provide meaning to your life

Find your life purpose! As a senior, you will surely have more free time, so take the opportunity to do activities that keep you physically and mentally active, fill you with happiness and that you always wanted to do. This will lift your spirits, prevent depression, and activate your immune system.

9.- Take fresh air and sunbathe

Taking fresh air allows the body to activate and function better. In addition, it stimulates the centers of pleasure and happiness. Additionally, sun baths favor the production of vitamins A, D and C, which are essential to strengthen the immune system and accelerate regenerative processes.

10.- Keep closed spaces ventilated

Just as people must sunbathe and breathe fresh air, closed spaces must be kept ventilated, especially in Florida, which is so humid and dusty. In this way, air circulation is promoted and stagnation is avoided, which in turn can generate the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites, which in addition to diseases can cause respiratory allergies.

The geriatric caregiver or technical nurse must be aware of any change in the health and state of mind of the elderly, in order to provide the necessary care for our grandparents, especially vulnerable to a medical emergency.

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