Learn how to prevent caregiver syndrome
Learn how to prevent caregiver syndrome
December 23, 2020
Nurse Job Interview: Answers for Success - FHCA Orlando
Nurse Job Interview: Answers for Success
February 28, 2021
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3 key questions in job interviews for nurses

3 key questions in job interviews for nurses - FHCA Orlando

Job interviews for nurses allow the best candidates to be identified within a job selection process. There are skills and attitudes that are necessary to determine whether or not someone is fit for a position.

How to respond in job interviews for nurses

In the case of the nurse position, vocation is a very important aspect, but academic preparation and soft skills are just as important. Therefore, recruiters will focus on knowing these aspects, as they will be very helpful for the institution.

Why did you decide on a career as a nurse?

To solve this question, you must not only be honest with what prompted you to dedicate yourself to nursing but also indicate your desire for a vocation in this regard. Remember that this is a profession of service and help, so those aspects should be included in your answer.


I decided to be a nurse because of my vocation to help other people, my interest in science, medicine and each of the little things that contribute to helping people from the first level.

Likewise, factors such as:

  • The opportunity to put empathy into practice.
  • The ability to improve my discipline.
  • The responsibility to contribute to the recovery of sick people.
  • The possibility of contributing to people’s happiness.

These are some of the elements that motivated me to be a nurse and stimulate me to provide better care every day.

What do you think is your greatest skill as a nurse?

The answer to this is very important, because it not only profiles you based on your knowledge, but on the ability you have to put it into practice.

In that sense, you should prepare yourself by doing a self-assessment and answering truthfully, always emphasizing the transcendental aspects to practice nursing and how you have solved problems that have arisen.


My greatest technical skill as a nurse is the organization of my tasks, since it is essential that every little detail is fully carried out, from daily routines to doses and procedures.

In this sense, I am attentive to each of the processes and needs of doctors, who have the fulfillment of the necessary measures for the recovery of patients.

Are you comfortable working with other doctors and nurses? Are you more comfortable working in a family home?

This question in job interviews will allow you to better measure your sense of independence and teamwork, as well as your ability to socialize with certain social groups.

Remember that nursing requires a lot of teamwork and good treatment between colleagues, patients and relatives, since they spend long hours together and there are many responsibilities under stressful situations. For your answer, you can highlight your soft skills and present concrete situations.


Communication is essential in this type of work, since it is necessary that there be knowledge of elements that can favor the patients we serve.

I am aware that my work as a nurse must be in harmony with the work of my other co-workers, both with the people with whom I share my profession, as well as with doctors, as well as patients and their families.

Although my main vision corresponds to a good professional result, it also seems important to me that there are good dealings between co-workers to promote teamwork.

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