Best Health Technical Education Programs in Florida

Functions of an occupational nurse in times of covid-19
Functions of an occupational nurse in times of covid-19
March 30, 2021
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May 11, 2021
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Best Health Technical Education Programs in Florida

Best Health Technical Education Programs in Florida

A good education at a prestigious institution guarantees finding the best jobs and working at what we like. In this post we are going to review some of the Best Health Technical Education Programs in Florida.

Career positions related to health, such as Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Phlebotomists or Electrocardiograph Aide have taken off in the last year from the hand of the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, so you are in the right place to achieve the education that allows you to find the job you are looking for.

Of course, to find work in these health areas, you have to receive quality education that facilitates developing your skills and showing that you add value, not only in some specialty of the health care area, but also that you have soft skills, individuals or you know another language.

Get to know some of our education programs

Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant course lasts 12 weeks. People who obtain the title of Medical Assistant will be responsible for both administrative work and medical assistance. In addition, you will receive quality training in the development of medical records and the clinical aspect of these responsibilities and, as:

  • Measure a patient’s height, weight, and vital signs.
  • Record your medical history.
  • Prepare the exam rooms.
  • Organize and disinfect medical instruments.

You will also do phlebotomy work, administering injections, administering medications, and EKG assistant, as well as administrative work such as scheduling, billing, and coding.

Equally, you will work closely with a doctor and will be your hands and eyes during the respective exams.

Nursing assistant

The Nursing Assistant course includes 6 weeks of theoretical and practical training on topics related to the development of the knowledge and clinical training necessary to provide you with quality as a Nursing Assistant. In this way, the student will prepare to take the Florida license exam and obtain the best results.

During this course you will learn the clinical knowledge and skills necessary to help a patient take vital signs, patient hygiene, bathing and personal care, preparing a patient’s bed, catheter care, and more.

Home Health Aide

The Home Health Aide course includes 6 weeks of specialized theoretical and practical training in health matters for home care. The objective of this program is to teach the student the knowledge and clinical training necessary to provide quality care as a Home Health Aide.

The student will learn the necessary knowledge and clinical training to assist patients at home in taking vital signs, patient hygiene, bathing and personal care, preparing a patient’s bed, catheter cart, and more.


Our Phlebotomy program aims to prepare the student so that he can obtain an adequate and correct blood sample with venipuncture techniques, classify laboratory tubes, preparation of blood smears and urinalysis, maintaining the integrity of the samples in relation to the test, and label the sample accurately and completely.

Electrocardiograph Aide

In our EKG Aide program, you will gain the necessary knowledge and clinical training as an EKG Assistant, EKG Technicians, Medical Technologists and Cardiovascular Technicians, an overview of human anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on the cardiac and vascular systems.

Work areas of a technical nurse or medical assistant

A technical nurse has slightly more limited duties than a registered professional nurse, but still, what she does is vital. What’s more, our Nursing Assistant training program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, which adds even more value to you and demonstrates our high standards in education.

Technical nurse to accompany covid patients

Of course, the need for technical nurses for covid patients, both in clinics and at home, has not stopped growing. This is because many covid patients need home care because the public and private health systems are collapsed and cannot provide the respective care and not all health personnel wants to be exposed.

A nurse who cares for covid patients is currently highly valued and can better negotiate her working conditions.

Technical nurse to accompany chronic patients

The collapse in the health system has also led to chronic patients being unwilling or unable to go to health centers, so they need the care of a technical nurse.

It is there that the technical nurse application becomes valuable and you can also better negotiate your working conditions.

Laboratory nurse technician

In a similar way to the occupational nurse, the laboratory nurse has seen an increase in job vacancies in her area due to the increase in the need for serological and molecular tests for the detection of coronavirus covid-19 and very soon for vaccination days.

Technical nurse in health centers

The need for patient care is increasing, so health centers require the support of all specialized technical personnel who have received a quality education since many of the personnel have given up working in the area for fear of exposure to the coronavirus.

For all cases, it is important to have prepared a powerful CV that highlights your experience, as well as to know your qualities and defects, since in this way they will know how you could react to any type of situation.

Particularly, in times of pandemic, the importance of technical nurses and the rest of the health personnel in society has been demonstrated, not only for a person to recover but for the rest of their family members to be able to have peace of mind and continue to be productive.

As you can see, education is essential to find good jobs and to consolidate your dream of helping other people.

Also, keep in mind that a good job interview can be decisive when getting a job since it also helps to show how we are as people and professionals. Don’t stop preparing for it.

Stay up-to-date on health issues with our specialized courses and programs. Get to know them in more detail: click here.