Benefits of having home health aide during postpartum
Benefits of having home health aide during postpartum
February 10, 2020
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Technical Nurse Functions
April 14, 2020
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EKG technician: Why to become one

EKG technician

EKG technicians are incredibly important to healthcare team members. By using non-invasive technologies like Holter monitoring, EKG, and stress tests, these health practitioners are able to accurately diagnose cardiovascular conditions, irregularities, and diseases.

EKG techs? Who are they?

EKG techs are known by a few other names, including:

  • Cardiographic Technician
  • Cardiac Monitor Technician
  • ECG Technician
  • Rhythm Analysis Technician
  • Telemetry Monitor Technician

Do you have any doubts about this healthcare career? Then we show you very heavy reasons to sign up to an EKG training course:

EKG Techs are today’s superheroes

Doctors use the information that EKG techs gather to make life-saving diagnoses. This makes a real difference.

EKG techs are detail-oriented

Hospitals and clinics rely on EKG techs sharp eyes to spot tiny details from collected data such as heart arrhythmias and birth defects.

Regular 9 to 5 jobs are for regular people…and you are not

The idea of working in a cubicle in regular working hours has never appealed to you because you´re not a regular person. You love the rush of running around a hospital with equipment, patients and medical staff. Allied health professionals in this field are the real deal and you want to be proud of it.

Analytical mindset is really valuable

An EKG technician has to look at a lot of situations objectively and make level-headed decisions. Besides, high-stress situations can easily happen, so if you’re the kind of person who brightens under pressure, this health career is for you.

Being a people person makes a difference

As an EKG technician, you’ll be spending most of the day dealing with patients who might be nervous or frightened so you must calm them down in order to get better heart readings.

You’ll probably be required to record your patients’ medical histories, determine which questions need to be asked, and you may even help during medical routine procedures and even surgeries.

Furthermore, if you’re an enthusiastic and capable team member, hospitals and clinics will depend on you to train future EKG techs. This is not only a great addition to your CV, but it will also provide more lucrative opportunities in the future.

As a tech career, you’ll always be updated

As a healthcare and tech professional, you´ll be expected to know everything about your field, from reading Holter monitors to carrying out stress tests, to staying on top of the newest cardiological developments. If you’re into technology, this is a profession to seriously consider.

EKG education is really affordable

It’s no secret that 4-year college degrees are really expensive. Further, while most EKG training programs may not offer Federal Student Aid, you may qualify for private loans, scholarships, and even interest-free payment plans through your school.

If you want to avoid high-interest loans or simply don’t have the funds, this healthcare training is a really good choice.

You will always have job offers open for you

You’ve probably heard that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that healthcare career job growth is expected to rise by 14% between 2018 and 2028.

Besides, since more than 75% of aging baby boomers have a chronic condition such as heart diseases and diabetes, and the senior population will duplicate by 2060, career opportunities will increase to meet demands.

An EKG can find a job anywhere

Since cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., the EKG technician job outlook is in your favor, no matter wherever you live in.

You will always keep moving

Forget sedentary life! From moving up and down hospital hallways, transporting equipment, and moving patients into the right positions, you’ll get a healthy dose of exercise each shift.

Being an EKG tech requires movement and being on your feet for hours on end, so if you’re looking for a physical and active job, this is a great choice.

You will meet the human side of medicine

As an EKG tech, you will hear a lot of interesting stories…definitely, you´ll want to keep a notebook always with you.