Nursing Assistant

In our Nursing Assistant (CNA) program the student will acquire the knowledge to provide the best quality care and nursing assistance, in a dynamic and pleasant atmosphere. This will prepare the student to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, providing theory training and clinical training in order to pass the state certification exam. You will be able to challenge the exam and get certified!

All of our nursing assistant students complete the clinical field experience at a local nursing home so you can gain experience while you learn!

Our Nursing Assistant training program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing


The Nursing Assistant (CNA) program has a total cost of $790
6 weeks
• Monday through Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM

13 weeks
• Saturdays 9:00AM-2:00PM
Our nursing assistant program includes:
• Notepad & Pencil
• HIV 4 Hour Certification
• Uniform
• Guide Books
• Lab supplies
• All applicants must be 17 years of age.
• Valid Photo ID.
• Deposit at the moment of enrollment.
• High School diploma, GED, or equivalent.
The Florida Nurse Aide/Certified nurse assistant exam is provided at our facilities by Prometric.
Nursing Assistant FAQ
• When can I take the CNA test?
As soon as you are done with the program you must fill out an application for the test. The processing time for the application varies between 2-3 weeks. After that they will send you an email with any additional requirements or your testing date.

• I took the program at a different school. Can I test at your location?
As a Regional Testing Site for Prometric we test people from all over the state! When you are filling out your application just choose regional testing site in the test site information section of the application and use test site code ORLFHR

• I already took the test 3 times, and I need to take an accredited program, can I take yours?
Yes you can! Our nursing assistant program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing!

• What is the difference between CNA and HHA?
A certified nursing assistant (CNA) and a Home Health Aide (HHA) have similar roles in patient’s lives as they both provide personal care. As a CNA, since you take the state exam, you are verified to know the regulations and procedures that are up to date with Florida Requirements. This allows you to work in Hospitals and other government associations.

• I have a CNA license from another state, what can I do?
It depends on the state, since each state has different requirements. The states that are transferable to and from Florida are Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, and Oklahoma.

• Where can I work as an CNA?
You will have a wide range of work places as a certified nursing assistant. You can work for Hospitals, home care agencies, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospice centers, have private cases and many more!

• My license is about to expire, what do I need to do?
You can check the requirements and pay the renewal fee of $55 to the Florida Board of Nursing

• My license already expired. What can I do?
If it expired less than 30 days ago you can still renew it! The renewal fee in this case would be $105. If it’s been expired for more than 30 days but less than 120 you can renew it for a fee of $160. If it has been more than that please contact the Florida Board of Nursing
The deposit for the Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is $200 due at the moment of enrollment
Weekly Payments
You choose your payment day. Whether you prefer paying each Monday, or if Fridays are more convenient for you we'll accommodate to you!

The rate for our Nursing Assistant program is 5 payments of $118*

The rate for our Nursing Assistant program is 10 payments of $59*
Bi-weekly Payments
We understand there are some businesses in which you get paid bi-weekly, or if it simply suits your economy better we'll work it out for you!

The bi-weekly rate for our Nursing Assistant program is 3 payments of $197*

The bi-weekly rate for our Nursing Assistant program is 5 payments of $118*
Special financing
If none of our payment plans are working for you and you require special financing, don't worry, we'll help you out. Just come into our office and speak to one of our representatives about our financial aid options for the Nursing Assistant program!