Electrocardiograph Aide

In the EKG Technician program we will prepare the student through the concepts and ideas behind understanding and reading EKG's including cardiac anatomy and physiology, the EKG machine, patient preparation, and EKG interpretation. You will learn about different cardiopathies and ailments of the heart, how to interpret strips and identify the situation.


EKG has a total cost of $750
4 weeks
• Monday through Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM

9 weeks
• Saturdays 9:00AM-2:00PM
• Notepad & Pencil
• HIV 4 Hour Certification
• Uniform
• Guide Books
• Lab supplies
• All applicants must be 18 years of age.
• High School diploma, GED, or equivalent.
• Valid Photo ID.
• Deposit at the moment of enrollment.
The Certified EKG Technician (CET) examination is provided at our facilities accredited by the National Healthcareer Association.
• What is the difference between an EKG technician and a Telemetry technician?
Both are similar but not the same. Telemetry is a general form of monitoring wile EKG is more specific. All EKG tests are telemetry tests, but not the other way around. There is also a difference in how the data is reported.

• Is this a cardiology class?
No. Throughout the course you will learn all about the heart, the systems, heart diseases and pathologies, it is not specifically a cardiology class.

• What is the difference between ECG and EKG?
None! They both refer to the Electrocardiogram procedure. The difference is that ECG comes from the English spelling (electrocardiogram) and EKG comes from the German spelling (elektrocardiogramm)

• Is this the same as an echocardiogram?
No. An Echocardiogram is known as an ultrasound of the heart and is ordered to check the structure and function of the heart, while an EKG is ordered to check the rhythm and rate of the heart.

• Do you perform actual EKG tests in class?
Yes! You do get to practice with a real EKG machine but please bear in mind that any reading done during class should not be used a medical diagnosis. If you have any questions or concerns about your results please consult your GP.

• My license is about to expire, what do I have to do?
You must complete CE hours/credits and apply them to your license, and pay the renewal fee. You can see how to do that here

• My license already expired. What can I do?
How long ago did it expire? Who was the accrediting institution? As long as it has not been expired for more than a year you can still renew it! Bear in mind that the reactivation fee might be a little more expensive. If it has been expired for more than a year, please contact us so we can help you further.

Payment plans

Here at Florida Health Care Academy we offer a variety of payment options in order to best accommodate to your financial needs. All of our payment plans are tailored to each individual, whether you prefer paying bi-weekly, or every Monday, we'll find a way to help you make your dreams come true.

All of our payment plans require a $200 down payment at the moment of enrollment.

*All payments are based on an average payment. The amount could fluctuate depending on the balance of each student.
The deposit for the EKG program is $200 due at the moment of enrollment.
Bi-weekly Payments
We understand there are some businesses in which you get paid bi-weekly, or if it simply suits your economy better we'll work it out for you!

The bi-weekly rate for our EKG program is 2 payments of $275*

he bi-weekly rate for our EKG program is 5 payments of $110*
Special financing
If none of our payment plans are working for you and you require special financing, don't worry, we'll help you out. Just come into our office and speak to one of our representatives about our financial aid options for the Electrocardiograph Aide program!
Weekly Payments
You choose your payment day. Whether you prefer paying each Monday, or if Fridays are more convenient for you we'll accommodate to you!

The rate for our EKG program is 5 payments of $110*

The rate for our EKG program is 10 payments of $55*