Medical Assistant

As a Medical Assistant you will be responsible for both administrative work and medical assisting. You will be trained on the clinical side of these responsibilities, such as measuring a patient's height, weight and vital signs, recording their medical history, preparing examination rooms, organizing and disinfecting medical instruments. You will also be doing phlebotomy work, giving injections, administering medication and electrocardiograph aide, as well as administrative work such as scheduling and billing and coding. You will be working closely with a physician during examinations acting as a second set of hands.

After completion of the training you will be certified by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) as a Certified Medical Assistant.

All applicants must be 17 years old of age. (if the applicant is under 18 years old, the student Enrollment Agreement must be approved and signed by her/his Parent or Guardian).


The Clinical Medical Assistant has a total cost of $6,550.00
12 weeks
• Monday through Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM
• Notepad & pencil
• Uniform
• Guide books
• Lab supplies
• HIV 4 Hour certification
*National CCMA Certification

*First try included within tuition. Retakes not included
• All applicants must be 18 years of age.
• High School diploma, GED, or equivalent.
• Valid Photo ID.
• Deposit at the moment of enrollment.
The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) examination is provided at our facilities accredited by the National Healthcareer Association
Medical Assistant FAQ
• Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid?
Yes! We do have a Medical Assistant scholarship available to all applicants! You can find more information about it here

• I already have my EKG certification, do I have to take that part of the program again?
As long as you have your national certification up to date and you bring us a copy of it, you are not required to take it again!

• I don’t like needles. Do I have to take the phlebotomy part of the program?
In order to successfully complete the program you are required to take the phlebotomy class, most of our students who are uncomfortable around needles usually overcome these feelings throughout the program.

• Where can I work as a medical assistant?
For the most part, medical assistants tend to thrive in doctor’s offices and urgent care clinics. Since you will be trained in multiple areas including phlebotomy and EKG, you will be able to broaden your work field and work at hospitals, private practices and many more!

• Do you do job placement afterwards?
We help all of our students find medical practices that are looking to hire, as well as provide you with weekly job offerings right to your email!

• I have a medical assistant license from another country, can I work with it?
The requirements in order to work in each country are different. In order to work at a medical facility in the United States you are required to have completed your training at an accredited institution within your state of practice, or have a national license by an accrediting institution.

• My license is about to expire, what do I have to do?
You must complete CE hours/credits and apply them to your license, and pay the renewal fee. You can see how to do that here. it here

• My license already expired. What can I do?
How long ago did it expire? Who was the accrediting institution? As long as it has not been expired for more than a year you can still renew it! Bear in mind that the reactivation fee might be a little more expensive. If it has been expired for more than a year, please contact us contact us so we can help you further.

Payment plans

Here at Florida Healthcare Academy we offer a variety of payment options in order to best accommodate to your financial needs. All of our payment plans are tailored to each individual, whether you prefer paying bi-weekly, or every Monday, we'll find a way to help you make your dreams come true.

This program requires a $400 down payment at the moment of enrollment.

*All payments are based on an average payment. The amount could fluctuate depending on the balance of each student.
The initial deposit of our CMA program is $400 due at the moment of enrollment
Weekly Payments
The weekly rate for our CMA program is 9 payments of $683*
Bi-weekly Payments
The biweekly rate for our CMA program is 4 payments of $1’537*
Montly Payments
The monthly rate for our CMA program is $3,075*
Special financing
If none of our payment plans are working for you and you require special financing, don't worry,

we'll help you out. Just come into our office and speak to one of our representatives about our financial aid options for the Medical Assistant program!
At Florida Health Care Academy we understand that deciding where and how to pursue higher education is an important and life-changing decision. We are here to help you evaluate your financial options by offering you scholarships that may be available to you, and the details and eligibility requirements applicable to this scholarship.

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