Functions of an occupational nurse in times of covid-19

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February 28, 2021
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Functions of an occupational nurse in times of covid-19

Functions of an occupational nurse in times of covid-19

Faced with the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the figure of the occupational nurse and occupational medical staff have become much more important in the workplace and administration of the respective serological or molecular tests.

Obligations of occupational nurses in covid-19

Occupational Health Nursing is a branch of nursing whose objective is the conservation of the worker’s health, as well as the prevention and care of work accidents.

In the same way, the occupational nurse is in charge of carrying out activities to promote the prevention, care and protection of workers, both in relation to health and accidents.

Roles of occupational nurses

Likewise, occupational nurses carry out four fundamental activities within organizations:

  1. Monitor the health of workers and provide primary care in accidents, incidents or any minor illness manifested by an employee.
  2. Prevent situations that put personnel at risk and promote a culture of health and accident prevention in the organization.
  3. Manage and plan protocols and procedures that guarantee a healthy and risk-free environment for staff.
  4. Conduct research related to occupational health issues. In addition, it must present strategies to improve the physical health, emotional health and mental health environment of the organization’s staff.

Responsibilities of occupational nurses in times of covid-19

In times of pandemic, the responsibilities of occupational nurses are similar to those of a technical nurse. In fact, they can be summarized as: managing or carrying out health surveillance of workers within the framework of the risk of covid-19.

In the case of work centers that only have the services of an occupational nurse, you have the obligation to:

  • Identify the risk of exposure to covid-19.
  • Apply the symptomatology or epidemiological file to each worker.
  • Keep staff temperature control.
  • Apply serological and molecular tests for covid-19.
  • Notify the health authority in the case of detecting cases of risk of covid-19.

As you can see, the pandemic is an employment opportunity for occupational nurses. Sign up for our training programs and lead the job market.