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Importance of health education
December 3, 2018
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February 4, 2019
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Home Health Aide classes at FHCA Orlando

Home Health Aide Classes at FHCA Orlando

Home Health Aide or HHA provides comfort and dignity to thousands of Americans every day. Home Health Aides help the elderly and convalescent or disabled people live in their own homes instead of living in hospitals under the supervision of nurses and doctors providing medical services.

Like the nursing assistants, the Health Assistants take the pulse, temperature, and respiration to the patients, and help with the simple exercises. HHAs also help patients to lie down and get out of bed, bathe, dress, and groom. Sometimes they change bandages, give massages, and care for the skin, or help with braces and prostheses.

Health Assistants with experience and appropriate training can help with medical equipment. Most of them work with elderly or disabled people that require more extensive care. Others help patients when they leave the hospital after a short stay.

In general, the HHA will spend more time with the patient than the nurses or physical therapists. When a home health aide arrives at the patient’s home for the first time, certain steps must be taken. It is recommended to make plans to spend some time together, show the house, and explain the routines that the family prefers. They may call during the day to stay in touch and periodically visit without calling first.

What customers usually think before hiring a Home Health Aide:

Terms and expectations: If contracted privately, they are usually clear about their expectations. Normally a simple agreement is written with the schedules and the payment settled, if the schedules and the cost of the foods are included, the time of vacations, and an alternative plan in case the assistant cannot arrive in time or must cancel. These situations are always presented. If the services of an agency are used, there are always established terms.

Emergencies: A list of emergency phone numbers is necessary, including the family member’s doctor and all phone numbers where they can contact you. An emergency plan should be developed, and make sure everyone knows it. For example, who should be called first in case of an emergency, and when is an HHA supposed to call 911?

Valuable items: As they do with any strange worker who enters the home, they will keep private papers, cash, and valuables in a safe place.

Personal relations of the assistant: The agency HHA are not allowed to have visitors. If hired privately, it should be discussed whether or not you can have visitors. Also, talk about any other personal issues that could interfere with the care you give to the patient.

Our Home Health Aide classes at FHCA Orlando will give you valuable training as you begin your journey in this incredible career. FHCA will be with you at all times in your preparation and training like no other. The HHA classes are taught by highly experienced professionals. You will learn the latest procedures and methods that will make you ready to work and “on demand” as soon as you finish your course.