Home health care nurse description – part II

home health care nurse
Home health care nurse description – Part I
October 21, 2019
Home health aide job description
Home health aide job description – Part I
December 4, 2019
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Home health care nurse description – part II

home health care nurse


Here we have a brief home health care nurse’s job description. This is part two of the article. Enjoy!

Candidate profile

Communication skills:

·       Communicating clearly, both in a written and oral way, in order to create a harmonious environment for patients and family members, in which they respond to their concerns.

·       Having a vocation for service, caring to maintain high standards in the welfare and safety of patients, within the limits of dignity and respect.

·       Being able to work both as a team and individually, always projecting a positive image and establishing good relationships.


High degree of empathy, compassion, and altruism:

·       Demonstrating sensitivity to the needs of patients.

·       Having an innate ability to make others feel that they are being valued.


Exceptional ability to work under pressure in demanding situations:

·       Being able to handle several projects at the same time and prioritize responsibilities and tasks.

·       Being flexible and being able to deal with a wide range of parameters in a dynamic and active environment.

·       Being able to face emotionally demanding situations.


Analytical capacity and ability to resolve conflicts:

·       Identifying and solving problems in a timely manner using critical thinking and good judgment.

·       Being able to analyze, evaluate, and diagnose the condition of patients to administer the appropriate treatment.


High degree of professionalism and ethics:

·       Being reliable enough to handle confidential information.


Great sense of responsibility and confidentiality.

In addition to the aforementioned skills and abilities, nurses must have a university degree in nursing. However, it is advisable to start as nursing assistants, in order to train and know the best way to deal with patients and their families. Hence, most job offers require a minimum of 1 year in the area.

These professionals must have a broad mastery of procedures, equipment, tools, and medical terminology, in addition to being familiar with medications. In turn, they must know the legislation applicable to the field of medical practice, as well as health and safety standards, such as those used to control infections.

The role played by nurses is very demanding emotionally. Therefore, they must have exceptional skills to manage stress. In addition, they must be willing to work in flexible hours that can range from the so-called 24/7 to night hours, weekends, and holidays.