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Learn how to prevent caregiver syndrome

Learn how to prevent caregiver syndrome

When a family member suffers a serious illness or begins to age, another family member tends to take over the care. However, this often leads to uncomfortable and delicate situations, both for the caregiver and for other family members involved. This is why it is important to know when to seek the help of a professional caregiver, home health aide, or nurse.

Learn how to prevent caregiver syndrome

If there is someone in your family with a disability, chronic illness or elderly person, you know what the subject is about. Many times we are used to taking care of our family members before thinking about a home health aide, nurse or caregiver, but it is important to recognize when we need help.

What is caregiver syndrome?

Caregiver syndrome is a disorder that occupies people who have been caring for someone for a long time and requires treatment with psychotherapy. The caregiver syndrome is characterized by a marked and unconscious rejection towards the person cared for, but at the same time a feeling of guilt for that rejection.

Self-care strategies to take care of our mental health

The role of the home help aide, caregiver or nurse is fundamental in these cases, since it represents a fundamental help, from the point of view of care and knowledge about care. We present some strategies to cope with the situation:

The caregiver must understand that they should not blame themselves

The main thing is not to blame yourself. The psychologist Yolanda Iglesias highlights that “We must bear in mind that mental illness is not something we have chosen and that no one, neither the affected person nor the family, is guilty of its arising.”

Setting limits is essential

As a caregiver, you must understand that you cannot absorb all the time or all the tasks. You have the right to have your own life and to fulfill established tasks and roles. Seek professional help: A nurse to serve as support and handle any situation more objectively.

Recognizes the value of the work of a caregiver or nurse

The time, knowledge and emotionality invested in caring for the elderly, caring for the sick person or caring for a person with a disability are invaluable and must be recognized. Do not accumulate comments, talk with your family and admit without guilt when you need support from a caregiver, home health aideor nurse.

Go to psychotherapy without guilt and without shame

There is nothing wrong with going to psychotherapy. In fact, attending the psychologist frequently is essential to maintain your mental health, it will provide you with tools to cope with the situations that arise.

Learn the experience, leave the care in the hands of experts

There will surely be discussions before making the decision to hire a caregiver, home health aideor nurse and their ability to give them the attention they deserve, but you must remember that you cannot assume everything, know how to delegate. Learn the previous situations and rescue the positive from the situations that come our way.

Caregiver syndrome also occurs in healthcare professionals, such as caregivers, home health aideand nurses. However, these people have learned techniques so that the work does not affect them so strongly.

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