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June 15, 2019
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Medical assistant job description

Medical assistant job description

Here is a brief job description of medical assistant.

Candidate profile

Communication skills:

  • Communicating clearly, both in a written and oral manner, in order to provide a harmonious environment for patients and family members, in which they respond to their concerns.
  • Having a vocation for service, caring to maintain high standards in the welfare and safety of patients, within the limits of dignity and respect.
  • Having patience and professionalism in communicating with patients, their families, and other team members, in order to establish effective and cooperative relationships.
  • Being able to work both as a team and individually, always projecting a positive image and establishing good relationships.

Attention to details:

  • Being able to follow instructions in a precise and meticulous way.
  • Introducing and reviewing information efficiently.
  • Staying focused during the execution of repetitive tasks.


  • Being able to handle several tasks at the same time and prioritize responsibilities.
  • Being flexible and being able to deal with a wide range of parameters and demands in continuous change in a dynamic and active environment.

Analytical capacity and ability to resolve conflicts:

  • Reading and interpreting information effectively.
  • Collecting and analyzing information effectively.
  • Resolving conflicts efficiently and quickly.
  • Identifying those procedures that require improvements and make suggestions to increase efficiency and speed up the workflow.

Administrative capacities:

  • Being able to process texts, using spreadsheets, and managing databases, as well as specialized clinical information systems.
  • Typing 40 to 60 words per minute.

High degree of professionalism and ethics:

  • Being reliable enough to handle confidential information.

In addition to the aforementioned skills and abilities, medical assistants must master the terminology of the area, being familiar with the legislation applicable to safety and health, and to the standards of the health center in which they work.

Daily tasks:

  • Address all patient concerns, whether in person, by telephone or by email, in addition to contacting patients and their families or providers and insurers.
  • Schedule and confirm routine appointments and those pertinent to a medical emergency.
  • Receive, register, and guide patients.
  • Process and prepare medical files.
  • Receive payments and make the proper record in the medical history of patients, in addition to making the receipt or invoice.
  • Keep the inventory of equipment, medical and office materials.
  • Perform administrative activities, including the admission of patients and the due reporting of information.

Although it is not required to have completed formal education in the area to perform this position, having obtained a professional technical degree in secretariats or related careers gives added value to the profile of the candidate. Similarly, although many jobs offers do not mention it, given the nature of this work and the context in which it operates, those candidates who have training in first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation will be preferred. Likewise, it is essential to manage Microsoft Office.

It is important to mention that, in general, employers look for candidates whose profile combines the knowledge required, the skills, and abilities to perform in the role. Additionally, a minimum experience of 1 year is requested in similar positions working with people.