10 measures to prevent Covid-19 when shopping

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10 measures to prevent Covid-19 when shopping

10 measures to prevent Covid-19 when shopping

How to prevent Covid-19 when shopping

Preventing the spread and spread of Covid-19 is a joint task that allows us to protect our health and that of the most vulnerable people in the home.

1- A single person goes out to do the shopping

The most responsible thing is that only one person goes out to do the home shopping. In the case of home health aid, they must protect themselves even more, since they are in constant contact with seniors.

2 – Always wear face masks and face shields

Going home shopping in different supermarkets, markets or local stores runs the risk of getting the Coronavirus, although with the new state of emergency the influx of people has decreased, it is necessary to follow these tips to avoid spreading it.

3 – Beware of carts and baskets

Before taking them, it is recommended to disinfect them before and after purchase. Also, it should be taken into account not to touch the face or mucosa, even if you have gloves, as these may have become contaminated.

4 – Keep distance

It is advisable to go to stores in the morning hours when the influx is not so great. However, in the event the establishment or business meets a lot of people, keep the distance of one meter and always wear a good quality mask, now if possible, also wear the face shield.

5 – Prepare a shopping list

Keep a list of what is missing at home in order to be less time away from it so that you can buy what is necessary and the purchase is faster and you do not have to queue both to enter and pay.

6 – Buy once a week

Get organized and check your needs so that you only have to make the purchase at most once a week.

7 – Prefer digital shopping

It is better to start prioritizing digital purchases, since they imply less exposure to the public and less manipulation of the package by staff. Also, so you can have a better record of your budget.

8 – Avoid cash

There are some cards that have the “contactless” service and businesses where you can pay safely on their website. With the use of these forms of payment you will reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, since it is not necessary to have contact with any person or object.

9- Take off your shoes and wash your hands

You should always wash your hands when you return home if you have been in contact with the outside. There is nothing proven about the spread of clothing and shoes, but it is recommended to leave them at the entrance of the house in case we have stepped on possibly contaminated surfaces.

10 – Take a bath

When you return home and after sharing space with other people or or any kind of transportation, take a shower, thus completely disinfecting any traces of viruses that have adhered to your body.

Bonus: Disinfects products

The best precautionary measure against Covid-19 you can take is to clean the products with soap and water (except vegetables, which must be disinfected with water and vinegar) or keep them in spaces where you will not have immediate contact.

By complying with these recommendations, you will protect your health, that of your family and that of those close to you from the Covid-19. Share them so that they are put into practice and the number of infected is less and less.