Home health aide job description
Home health aide job description – Part I
December 4, 2019
Benefits of having home health aide during postpartum
Benefits of having home health aide during postpartum
February 10, 2020
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Technical Nurse functions

Technical Nurse functions

The technical staff in nursing holds the title of a technical career obtained in a higher education institute. This means that a nurse technician has basic training to perform certain patient care tasks such as hygiene, occupational therapy, accident prevention and emergency care, but does not have the full training that a nurse or professional nurse could have.

Technical Nurse functions and tasks?

Nurse technician are trained to perform some home health care for the elderly or sick, such as medication administration, wound healing or bandage application, daily cleaning of the patients, blood pressure taking, nutritional counseling, postural changes, accompaniment of patients on medical outings and outings, support in recreational and educational activities, etc. The important thing is to specify the tasks in the contract to avoid any misunderstanding.

Control of vital functions

It is a routine activity that is performed to verify and record that the patient has stability in their regular functions, such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure.
  • Breathing frequency.
  • Oximetry
  • And any other control procedure in case the patient has the respective instruments.
  • In case of alteration in them, the supervisor, doctor or responsible family member should be informed in order to provide the corresponding care

The nurse technician must ensure compliance with the treatment

The nurse technician has the responsibility of administering drugs orally, nasogastric and bladder catheter management, as well as the placement of creams, drops and simple wound healing.

The responsible relative will provide the necessary requirements for their administration. In the event that the patient is not prostrated, the nurse technician will develop a care plan to support the patient’s rehabilitation professional, such as breathing exercises, body massages, lymphatic drainage, park walks, etc.

Food and waste disposal

One of the key tasks of the nurse technician as home health care aid is to supervise the nutrition and preparation of the patient’s food to be able to administer a balanced diet in liquid, fibers, proteins, fats and carbohydrates according to the medical prescription.

Likewise, it must carry out a water balance to keep an eye on income and expenses, ensure the adequate elimination of liquid and solid waste through digestive and urinary tract, as well as their hygiene. In addition, you must have an informed record of the parameters.

Toilet and personal hygiene

The nurse technician provides home health care aid and will be vigilant of the integral hygienic care of the patient, serving as support to prevent falls. The nurse technician  will maintain the basic hygiene care of the patient such as: tooth brushing, shower or sponge bath, nail care (if not diabetic), shaving if warranted, hair washing, keeping the skin clean and hydrated and free of injuries, prevention of bedsores also keep in order and monitoring the hygiene of the room and the patient’s bathroom.

Postural changes in prostrate patients

In order to prevent bedsores and injuries, the prostrate patient must be mobilized every two to three hours, according to his needs. Similarly, as home health care aid should be given body massages to improve blood circulation, as well as perform basic respiratory therapies to prevent the accumulation of secretions.

The technical nurse and the personal attention to the patient

One of the nurse’s little visible tasks is to continue giving the patient humane and dignified treatment. The relationship must be professional and respectful, but with closeness, respect and warmth from all sides.

In addition, given the nature of the work, it must be done in person and any absence or delay must be notified in time to generate a solution.

Finally, it is noteworthy that nurse technician is not required to perform household chores in the patient’s home. They should only perform the duties related to their nearby space, such as bedding, maintaining the order of the area where the patient is. Neither the washing nor ironing of clothes, but the care of the hygiene implements of the patient.

In 12-hour or 24-hour shifts, the customer agrees to provide food, without implying a lower payment for the day. In addition, the client is obliged to provide the home health care aid with a suitable place to monitor his patient at night, in suitable conditions (an armchair, a comfortable chair and a coat for cold nights).

Do not be afraid of an interview, a good home health care aid or caregiver of older adults demonstrates professionalism from the beginning and the human factor is fundamental.