Types of stress and how to recognize them

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Types of stress and how to recognize them

Types of stress - Florida Health Care Academy in Orlando

Stress is a problem that plagues people day after day. So much so that many people end up looking for alternative methods to deal with it, such as consuming some vitamin for stress or medication for stress. Between both options, a vitamin complex such as vitamin B will always be better, which does not create dependencies, unlike certain medications for this condition.


Two main types of stress

Stress is not presented in a single way. On the one hand, there is positive stress, and on the other hand, it is distress, which brings negative symptoms in those who suffer from it.


Classification of negative stress

Negative stress, in turn, according to The American Psychological Association, has three more classifications:

  • Acute stress.
  • Episodic acute stress.
  • Chronic stress.


Acute stress

It is the most usual type of stress and is usually considered as a short-term stress, therefore it is incapable of causing irreversible damage in the individual who suffers from it, it is a type of stress that can be treated and with which anyone can deal.


When this type of stress is present, there are different ways to identify it. Emotionally, a person with acute stress can display a mix of negative emotions such as irritability, anger, and even some degree of depression.


Acute stress can also be manifested physically through headaches, muscle or bone pain, stomach disorders (flatulence, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, etc.), changes in blood pressure and body temperature, etc.


Episodic acute stress

This type of stress often afflicts people who assume many responsibilities at the same time and find it difficult to deal with all of them. This group of people is characterized because they tend to have a bad character due to the nervous load they carry.


In general, those who suffer from this type of stress are usually very resistant to change and do not even see problems in the way they act or behave. They only agree to go to recovery programs if they feel the promise that this will relieve their conditions immediately.


Episodic acute stress also occurs in people who are distressed by everything. This second group often thinks that disaster is the immediate reaction to any action and they are extremely pessimistic.


Many people with episodic acute stress can even develop heart problems.


Chronic stress

Chronic stress is extremely destructive, it not only weakens the person physically, but also emotionally and socially. It usually occurs when people do not see an escape or palpable solution to their problems. This type of stress usually affects the personality of those who suffer from it.


Unlike the previous ones, this type of stress can lead to death and leads people to conceive thoughts of suicide, violence towards others, or even is so strong that it could cause heart attacks.


Being at home for a long time with sedentary activity or being under a lot of uncertainty can cause stress situations. Therefore, it is important to maintain physical activity with personal distance, a good diet and avoid news saturation.