Best Health Technical Education Programs in Florida
Best Health Technical Education Programs in Florida
April 30, 2021
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Why study health careers at FHCA

study health careers at FHCA

Studying healthcare careers can mean a lot of sacrifices, but it is also very rewarding because it involves helping people heal and comfort their families.

In addition, in times of coronavirus, studying Healthcare careers means enrolling in technical careers with high labor demand.

The conditions of the health system in the face of the covid-19 pandemic have demonstrated the importance of health careers in society, both in health centers and within the home.

This is due to the fact that many covid patients need home care because the public and private health systems are collapsed, not all hospitals can provide the respective care, and not all health personnel want to be exposed.

A nurse who cares for covid patients is currently highly valued and can better negotiate her working conditions.

Why study health careers at FHCA

Florida Healthcare Academy is an institution that has been helping community members achieve success through education for over 16 years, helping them achieve their dreams of becoming the best healthcare professionals,

We are one of the best quality training institutions in the health field. Our teaching philosophy is based on practical classes through specialized programs made up of health professionals to ensure a high-level education for our students, thus ensuring that they become outstanding professionals in the field of health.

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The need for patient care is increasing, so health centers require the support of all specialized technical staff, as many of the staff have given up working in the area for fear of exposure to the coronavirus.

We pride ourselves on specializing in providing the highest quality in Healthcare careers, such as:

Medical assistant

As a medical assistant, you will be responsible for both administrative work and medical assistance. You will be a fundamental part of the entire hospital care process.

Nursing assistant

You will learn the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to care for a patient; Taking vital signs, hygiene, administration of medications, etc. In addition, the student will prepare to take the Florida license exam.

Health assistant

The health assistant will learn the clinical training necessary to provide quality care as a Home Health Aide, much like a nursing assistant.


This program aims to prepare the student so that he can obtain an adequate and correct blood sample with venipuncture techniques, classify laboratory tubes, preparation of blood smears and urinalysis, maintaining the integrity of the samples in relation to the test, to be preformed and label the sample accurately and completely.

We have modern laboratory equipment so that you can learn to the fullest in a practical way.

Electrocardiograph Assistant

You will learn the necessary knowledge and clinical training as an EKG Assistant, EKG Technicians, Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, Overview of Human Anatomy and Physiology with an emphasis on the Cardiac and Vascular Systems.

Why choose Florida Healthcare Academy to study healthcare careers

The best certified teachers

We have the best teachers in healthcare careers. All have extensive experience and an excellent disposition to teach.

Programs adapted to the real world

Our academic programs are designed to respond to the needs of our society.

Wide range of courses

We offer a wide variety of healthcare careers courses, all of them created to respond to different needs of the health system.

Flexible payments

We have many options available so that you can study and get ahead. We are willing to discuss different educational financing options.

Practice exams for certification

Our spaces are open for you to practice for your certification in healthcare careers. In addition, we put at your disposal a bank of exams so that you can practice and achieve the best result.

Real-world education

We have practical learning environments for you to safely consolidate the knowledge and skills required in clinical settings and healthcare services.

Intensive courses

Our courses are short and fast-paced to help you achieve your dreams as soon as possible.

High labor demand

Healthcare careers have high labor demand. This means that you will find very high-paying work very quickly.

Prestige and academic quality

Our more than 16 years of academic experience certify our quality of teaching and the possibility of applying for the best jobs in the health area.