Medical assistant job description
Medical assistant job description
July 2, 2019
Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Technician
Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Technician, which one is better for me? – Part II
September 30, 2019
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Medical assistant or pharmacy technician? – Part 1

Medical assistant or pharmacy technician

If you are considering a career in the world of health, you have probably considered medical assistant or technician in pharmacy as possible options.

Both careers are good to start in this field, offering mostly good work environment, plus the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people who need it. Although both fields have similarities, the medical assistant and the pharmacy technician have very different functions and work in completely different places. The medical assistant usually works in a hospital, clinic, laboratory or medical office, while the pharmacy technician works in pharmacies.

Pursuing a new career requires time, hard work, and more-than-a-year dedication, depending on the program or area. Finding a career that fits what you are looking for is vital to achieving short- and long-term success. That is why before deciding what is the right path for you, it is best to take the time to investigate, read the recommendations of others, and thus make the decision. When you start a career in the world of health, it is best to ask yourself if the career is the right one.

What is a medical assistant?

The career of a medical assistant is in greatest demand in the world of health. To become a medical assistant, you can choose from a variety of training programs in the field ranging from eight months to two years. Most programs offer real training experiences and practices in companies related to the field. When you choose the school that you like, keep in mind that it offers the certifications that will give you more job opportunities and income in the future (like we do at FHCA Orlando).

People who enter the world of health as medical assistants enjoy an estimated salary of $ 32,480 as well as benefits that include vacations and sick days, medical and dental insurance. Since most medical assistants work in doctor’s offices and clinics, this career provides a clean, well-lit work environment, with a regular schedule of 5 days a week.

The work of a medical assistant is projected to grow by 29% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than other occupations. The growth of the population is growing, requiring more and more medical services, which are provided by a doctor generally. As a result, doctors hire more and more medical assistants to perform routine administrative and clinical work, allowing the doctor to see more and more patients.

The responsibilities of the medical assistant may vary depending on the work environment and the functions to complete each day. Medical assistants should remain calm professionally, as they may be regularly exposed to stressful situations. They are responsible for keeping calm and calming the patient when the doctor visits, as well as making appointments, medical insurance paperwork, and other tasks that will help keep the medical office in order.